Cook Up Some Fun This Summer

Install an outdoor kitchen in Belton, Temple, Round Rock & Georgetown, TX

Picture this: loved ones who you haven't seen in years are all gathered in your backyard on a bright summer afternoon. You're all laughing and enjoying the food you made at your personal outdoor kitchen. If this sounds like a dream for you, reach out to Maximus Pools ASAP.

We can install a backyard grill on your Belton, Temple, Temple & Georgetown, TX property. Our contractors can build it into a beautiful stone wall that complements your landscape.

Call 254-780-0321 now to get a free estimate on your outdoor kitchen creation in Belton, Temple, Temple & Georgetown, TX.

Choose the right type of grill for your outdoor kitchen

Choose the right type of grill for your outdoor kitchen

Our contractors can install any type of grill you want for your outdoor kitchen. We sell:

  • Pellet grills-these add a smoky taste to anything you cook.
  • Gas grills-these are easy to clean and maintain.
  • Charcoal grills-these give food a caramelized, crunchy exterior.
We'll discuss your vision with you to help you make the right call. Reach out to us today to explore your backyard grill options with a contractor.